Smart Building Digital Twin System Solution

In recent years, with the development of smart cities, smart buildings have also been put on the agenda. As an important part of building management, there are difficulties in troubleshooting equipment, insufficient energy waste , poor security and risk management, and the traditional manual operation and maintenance models can not meet management needs .

The smart building visual management system integrates the building data with the 3D scene , enabling a comprehensive observation of the overall situation of the smart building, while integrating the independent perspective of key businesses for accurate data presentation, and utilizes graphical models to meet the requirements of intelligent control. Comprehensive monitoring and analysis of key indicators in the fields of building security, access, facilities and equipment, energy consumption, and property management are carried out to create a map of smart building management, realize a screen overview of building management, operation situation monitoring, auxiliary decision analysis and other services,  providing data support and decision-making reference for urban management.

Three-dimensional modeling: By the establishment of three-dimensional models of buildings to  real-time display various equipment, facilities and environment information inside and outside the building . Through the three-dimensional model, the manager can intuitively understand the structure and layout of the building, which is convenient for equipment management and troubleshooting.

Real-time monitoring: Integrated with the Internet of Things technology, the intelligent building 3D visual management platform can monitor the status of equipment, energy consumption, environmental quality and other data inside the building in real time. At the same time, it can also be integrated with the security system to achieve video monitoring and security warning inside the building to ensure the safe operation of the building.

Operation and maintenance management: The platform can remotely monitor and manage building equipment, including equipment running status, maintenance records, etc.  It can improve device reliability and service life by establishing device files and maintenance plans to warn of device faults and maintenance requirements in advance.

Intelligent decision support: By analyzing and processing a large amount of building data, the intelligent building 3D visual management platform can provide intelligent decision support for managers. For example, through the analysis of energy consumption data, it can find out the problem of energy waste and provide improvement measures; Through the analysis of equipment operation data, equipment maintenance and update plans can be made.

User interaction and services: The intelligent building 3D visual management platform provides a friendly user interface and interaction methods, so that managers can easily view building information, operate and manage equipment. At the same time,personalized services can also be provided for residents and office staff in the building, such as indoor navigation,  conference room reservations, etc. ·


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