Hardware circuit design, integration development, embedded software development, cloud service development

Plan design, exterior design, structural design, interaction&experience design, UI design, and interface development

Provide data management, device management, access protocol management, and more for the device data center!

Provide customized development services for digital twin visualization systems according to your needs!

Jiyou Saiwei (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology service enterprise dedicated to the construction of digital twin systems. It integrates Web3D 3D visualization data layer, application layer, interaction layer, platform layer, and all element data fusion and interconnection, on-site 3D data collection, 3D scene refinement modeling, and customized development of Web3D visualization engine functions, providing you with a one-stop solution

We have rich experience in the application of 3D laser scanning technology and can provide you with 3D digital solutions according to your design needs.

Provide 3D scanning data collection services to solve the application difficulties of enterprise 3D scanning technology, all you need is a phone call!

Provide 3D point cloud, reverse modeling, 3D display, drawing, etc. to solve customer data processing difficulties!!

Precise positioning of personnel positions, real-time tracking, improving work efficiency and safety management.

Key areas are equipped with electronic fences, linked alarm systems, and pop-up windows to indicate abnormal states.

Unified platform interface, integrated monitoring data, real-time video viewing, visual management

Time Weather Function Module, Quick View, Simulate Real Time Weather Status.

Fine splitting and synchronization of key equipment to achieve real-time simulation of equipment status.

Through effective data linking and comparative analysis, achieve equipment alarm, fault warning and other functions.

Real time monitoring of abnormal events, quick response to fire incidents, and clear fire and security measures.

Visualize the location of fire-fighting equipment, clearly display the distribution of equipment areas, and provide a basis for judgment.