Digital twin for Online Monitoring System for Motor Operation Status and Energy Consumption

With the development of “Industry 4.0”,  the motors as an important component also facing opportunities for automation and intelligence. There are problems such as backward equipment management monitoring means, difficult data collection, high labor cost, difficult analysis of equipment operating status and slow problem diagnosis detection and maintenance, etc.,in traditional motor industry management, simple manual operation management models can no longer meet the needs of management.  in order to meet the new era environment and market demand,visual management of motors is a new approach and path for the motor industry to follow the global economic transformation and upgrading.The visual comparison system for online monitoring of remanufacturing motor status realizes motor equipment monitoring, obtains real-time comparative analysis of equipment operation status, conducts equipment management, improves production efficiency and quality, and reduces costs and energy consumption.

Operation status monitoring: display the state of the motor  stopped and started .

Data comparative analysis: Based on the actual situation of the motor industry,real-time data acquisition is carried out on  vibration, current, voltage, electricity, power factor, active power and reactive power .

Reverse control function: The system interface realizes the control of the motor power button, which can remotely control the start and stop of the motor. Modbus instruction is sent to the 485 gateway through MQTT and transmitted to the 485 air switch to achieve start and stop.

Vibration monitoring: Display the vibration values of the XYZ axis after remanufacturing and analyze the percentage decrease after remanufacturing.  The area maps with different colors were used to express the overall trend before and after reconstruction.

Motor temperature monitoring: Use area maps of different colors to display the temperature before and after reconstruction, and show the percentage decrease in temperature compared to before and after reconstruction.

Carbon reduction analysis: Displays the difference in electrical energy consumption of the motor.

Provide customized one-stop services for customers.The IoT digital twin motor operating status and energy consumption monitoring alarm system which consists of air switch, temperature sensor and three-phase electricity meter and gateway forming a distribution box,It is connected to the system platform through the MQTT protocol. After the project is completed, customers only need to perform power connection and networking operations to use the system.


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