Intelligent hospital digital twin system

In recent years, the country has introduced multiple policies related to the requirements of convenient service indicators. The National Health Commission has clearly pointed out in the “Notice on Further Improving the Appointment Diagnosis and Treatment System and Strengthening the Construction of Smart Hospitals” that it is necessary to innovate and improve the smart hospital system, summarize hospital information construction, establish a “three in one” smart hospital system for medical treatment, service, and management, and further play the important role of information technology in modern hospital construction and management, Continuously improving the modernization level of hospital governance, forming an integrated online and offline modern hospital service and management model, providing patients with higher quality, higher efficiency, and more considerate medical services.
Industry pain points
isolated data island: Existing hospital information systems suffer from data isolation issues, with insufficient data exchange and integration capabilities between different departments, which constrain the effective utilization of medical resources.
Inefficient resource allocation: Traditional resource management methods are difficult to optimize, resulting in uneven distribution and low efficiency of medical resources (such as beds and equipment).
Lack of responsiveness: Hospitals often respond slowly in emergency situations due to untimely information sharing and complex processing processes.
Marginalization of patient experience: Due to limitations in existing facilities and systems, individual patient needs are often overlooked, making it difficult to achieve personalized care in patient treatment and care.
Intelligent hospital system function
3D scanning modeling: high-precision 3D scanning of physical hospitals to construct digital twin models of hospitals, making asset and spatial management more intuitive and efficient.
Infusion system management: Integrate digital solutions for infusion monitoring to ensure patients receive the correct dose of medication infusion, while monitoring the infusion process to prevent medical accidents.
Temperature and humidity management of cold chain system: achieve real-time monitoring of cold chain storage of drugs and samples, ensure that the temperature and humidity conditions meet standard specifications, and ensure the quality of medical supplies.
Ward environment monitoring: Install sensors to monitor the temperature, humidity, and air quality of the ward in real time, creating a more suitable recovery environment.
Visual management of personnel positioning: Combine location technology with digital images to track the location of hospital staff and patients in real time to optimize processes and improve safety
Patient vital signs monitoring: Dynamic monitoring of patients’ vital signs and analysis to predict the risk of complications, providing immediate medical intervention.
More functions can be customized according to your needs.
The digital twin hospital is not only a symbol of modern hospitals, but also a construction goal for high-quality development of hospitals. The hospital digital twin platform utilizes virtual simulation technology to create a hospital digital twin base with consistent appearance, coordinates and attributes. The platform uses advanced technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, mobile Internet, digital twins, and intelligent perception to enhance the real-time perception and control ability of the ward environment and patient status, improve the management ability of treatment and nursing. It make effort to improve the standardization, specialization, and intelligence level of the hospital. The digital twin platform integrates multiple types of data, breaks down data barriers, makes data comprehensive, effective, centralized, and shared , enables intelligent analysis, efficient decision-making, leverages the advantages of comprehensive information and remote command, and improves command quality and efficiency.


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