Smart port digital twin visualization system

Currently, port management faces challenges of large scale and high complexity, involving multiple departments and links, leading to problems such as poor coordination and resource waste. In addition, traditional port management lacks real-time monitoring and early warning capabilities, making it difficult to detect and handle potential security and operational risks in a timely manner. Faced with the complexity of port operations and the need for real-time monitoring, digital transformation and intelligent management have become key factors .

Establish an accurate 3D model based on the overall port, and achieve three-dimensional visualization of the port’s overall scenery. This model can monitor ports in real-time, including transportation management, berth monitoring, intelligent warehousing management, intelligent security, equipment monitoring, warehouse management, and dynamic simulation of port operations. Through the comprehensive dashboard interface, it is convenient to perform real-time monitoring, automatic control, intelligent adjustment, decision analysis and other comprehensive management functions on the port. At the same time, remote online monitoring of the operation status of port equipment can be conducted to evaluate the maintenance cycle of the equipment, providing a better work experience for port management and strong support for the safe operation of the port.

Digital virtualization modeling: By collecting real-time data of ports, including  ships, goods, equipment, etc., using physical models, data models, and algorithm models, digital virtual modeling of ports is carried out to achieve simulation  of the entire process of port operation.

Real time monitoring and early warning: Based on the digital twin technology, this platform can monitor various indicators and status of port operation in real time, such as ship berthing, cargo handling, equipment failures, etc., and provide warning prompts for abnormal situations, helping port management personnel take timely response measures to ensure the safety and stability of port operation.

Intelligent optimization decision-making: Through data analysis and intelligent algorithm calculations to the digital twin model, the platform can optimize and adjust various aspects of port operation, including ship scheduling, cargo storage, and transportation path planning, to improve the operational efficiency and resource utilization of the port.

Visual management interface: The platform provides an intuitive visual management interface, which displays various data and indicators of port operation in the form of charts, maps, etc., helping management personnel to comprehensively understand the operation of the port and make decisions and adjustments.

Cross departmental collaborative management: The digital twin platform provides a collaborative management platform for port management departments, shipping companies, shipowners, and other relevant parties. Through information sharing and collaborative decision-making, it improves the overall efficiency and quality of port operations, and the coordinated development of the whole port chain can be realized.

More functions can be customized according to your needs.


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