Digital twin pump station visual management system solution

At present, there are some difficulties in the management of pump room, such as data dispersion, manual monitoring, fault diagnosis and insufficient preventive maintenance. In order to solve these problems, it is necessary to build a 3D visualization management platform for intelligent pump room. The platform centrally manages data, monitors pump house status in real time, makes fault diagnosis and prediction, and achieves remote monitoring  and optimizes maintenance plans through a visual interface to improve management efficiency and equipment reliability.

The smart pump room visualization management system combines the real scene of the pump room with the 3D visualization model to monitor the overall situation of the smart pump room from a comprehensive perspective. At the same time, it can split the 3D visualization model of key units and present the data to achieve lean management of the pump room. The comprehensive monitoring and analysis of the equipment, security, energy consumption, reverse control and other fields of the pump room can fully grasp the operating status, energy consumption and water supply quality of the pump room equipment, find problems in time and take measures to greatly improve the management efficiency of the pump room, save energy and ensure the quality of water supply.

Using 3D realistic modeling technology and digital twin technology to restore the pump room one-to-one, constructing a 3D model of the pump room, providing visual scheme design, and conducting customized platform real-time monitoring and remote control: The system monitors the operating status of various equipment in the pump room in real time through Internet of Things technology, including pump operation, water level, and pressure data.  At the same time, the system can remotely control the start and stop of the pump, speed regulation and other operations to achieve remote management and control.

Fault warning and maintenance plan: The system can detect abnormalities and faults of the equipment in the pump room in time, and send warning information to the operation and maintenance personnel through analyzes and processes the data collected in real time. At the same time, the system can also make maintenance plans according to the equipment operation data, and carry out equipment maintenance in advance to avoid failure

Energy consumption monitoring and energy-saving optimization: The system can monitor the energy consumption of the pump room, including electricity consumption and water consumption. By analyzing energy consumption data, suggestions and measures for optimizing energy conservation can be provided, such as adjusting pump operation strategies, optimizing pump combinations, etc., to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs

Data analysis and report statistics: The system can help managers understand the operation and performance indicators of the pump room through detailed reports and charts by statistics analysis the operation data of the pump room equipment . These data and reports can be used for decision support, performance evaluation, and equipment management

Remote monitoring and management: The intelligent pump room visual management system supports remote monitoring and management. Operation and maintenance personnel can log in to the system through mobile applications or network to view the real-time operating status and data of the pump room, perform remote control and management to improve work efficiency and response speed.

Alarm prompt: System alarm information, SMS notification to equipment maintenance personnel. ·

Alarm info: notifies device operation and maintenance personnel of system alarms by SMS.


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