Digital twin oil depot visualization system solution

The complexity, safety, cost control, and data analysis requirements of oil depot management indicate that traditional manual operation and maintenance methods cannot meet the needs of lean management. With the continuous expansion of oil depot scale, the demand for intelligent operation and maintenance control is particularly prominent.

Establish an accurate 3D model based on the oil depot area to achieve three-dimensional visualization of the oil depot. This model can monitor the oil tanks in the oil depot in real-time, and perform various aspects such as production management, equipment management, oil collection management, customer management, intelligent security, and personnel positioning management in the oil depot. Through the integrated interface, it is convenient to perform real-time monitoring, automatic control, intelligent adjustment, decision analysis and other comprehensive management functions for equipment in the warehouse area. At the same time, the operation status of oil depot station equipment can be monitored remotely online to evaluate the maintenance cycle of the equipment, thereby improving the safety level of the oil depot and reducing the occurrence of accidents.


Visual monitoring: Through real-time data acquisition and monitoring, the system displays various operating indicators of the oil depot in a visual form, such as oil inventory, liquid level, temperature, pressure, etc. Users can know the operation of the oil depot in real time and take corresponding measures in time.

inventory management: The system can accurately manage all kinds of oil products in the oil depot, including oil products purchase, shipment, inventory and other operations. Users can query oil inventory information at any time, and carry out inventory adjustment and report generation.

Safety monitoring: The system is equipped with various monitoring equipment, such as liquid level sensor, gas sensor, etc., which can monitor the safety status of the oil depot in real time, such as leakage, fire and other risks. Once any abnormal situation is detected ,the system  will alarm in time and take corresponding measures to ensure the safe operation of the oil depot.

Transportation management: The system can record transportation transactions between the oil depot and external suppliers, and generate corresponding transportation documents and reports. Users can view transportation records at any time to evaluate the quality of service provided by suppliers.

Data analysis: The system will collect and analyze the historical data of the oil depot, generate related reports and charts, users can use these data for trend analysis, benefit evaluation, etc., to find potential problems and make improvement.

User permission management: The system supports multi-level user permission management, and different levels of users have different permissions. Administrators can manage and authorize users to ensure system security and compliance.


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