A Solution for Digital Twin System of 3D Car Viewing

With the continuous development of the automotive industry, people’s demand for cars is increasing day by day. However, when choosing to purchase a used car, there are often many hidden dangers, such as the quality of vehicles and historical records, which bring certain risks and troubles to consumers. In order to solve this problem, digital twin technology has been applied to the automotive industry, launching a digital twin 3D car viewing system that provides consumers with a more reliable car buying experience through intelligent vehicle detection.

Vehicle health detection: The digital twin 3D car viewing system uses sensors and data analysis technology to detect the health of vehicles. The system can monitor key parts of the vehicle such as mechanical structure, electronic system, and body appearance in real time, and detect whether the vehicle is damaged or has potential faults. Through vehicle health testing, consumers can have a clear understanding of the actual condition of the vehicle and avoid purchasing a vehicle with problems.

History query: The digital twin 3D car viewing system provides the function of vehicle history query. The system can query vehicle maintenance records, accident records, maintenance history, and other related information through vehicle identification number (VIN) . Consumers can view the historical records of the vehicle through the system, understand their usage and maintenance status, and provide a basis for purchasing decisions.

Vehicle evaluation and pricing: The digital twin 3D car viewing system supports the functions of vehicle evaluation and pricing . The system provides reference for vehicle pricing by comprehensively analyzing various information such as vehicle health status and historical records. Consumers can obtain a reasonable pricing range of vehicles through the system, avoiding economic losses caused by unreasonable pricing.

Vehicle inspection reports: The digital twin 3D car viewing system generates detailed vehicle inspection reports. The report presented clearly in the form of charts and text ,includes information on the vehicle’s health status, historical records, evaluation results, etc., Consumers can view and download vehicle inspection reports through the system to understand the condition of the vehicle and provide a basis for purchasing decisions.

Personalized services: The digital twin 3D car viewing system provides personalized services. The system pushes qualified vehicles for consumers by analyzing their car purchase needs, budget and other information. Consumers can filter and compare based on personalized lists to quickly find the ideal vehicles that meet their needs.

The digital twin 3D car viewing system provides consumers with reliable car purchasing services through functions such as vehicle health detection, historical record inquiry, vehicle evaluation and pricing, vehicle inspection reports, and personalized services. The system utilizes intelligent technology to help consumers avoid car buying risks, enhance the car buying experience, and inject new vitality into the automotive industry.


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