Digital twin system for thermal power plants

Thermal power plants, as an important component of traditional energy, play a crucial role in power production. However, traditional thermal power plants face many challenges in operation management and efficiency, including the need for equipment operation monitoring, energy efficiency improvement, safety monitoring, etc. With the rapid development of digital technology, the application of digital twin technology has brought new ideas and solutions to the management of thermal power plants. The digital twin thermal power plant system has improved the operational efficiency of thermal power plants, optimized equipment management, and provided strong support for energy production and urban power supply guarantee through the functions of real-time monitoring, data analysis and intelligent prediction .

Real time monitoring and data collection: The digital twin thermal power plant system through sensor networks monitors and collects real-time data of thermal power plant equipment, flue gas emissions, temperature, etc. Which discover abnormal situations timely and ensure safe and stable operation of equipment.

Intelligent prediction and fault diagnosis: The system combines data analysis and artificial intelligence technology to make intelligent predictions based on historical and real-time monitoring data, detect equipment faults and hidden dangers early, diagnose and eliminate faults in advance, and ensure the stability and reliability of thermal power plant operation.


Energy efficiency management and optimization: The digital twin thermal power plant system supports energy efficiency management and optimization functions. By monitoring and analyzing energy consumption data, it provides energy-saving optimization suggestions, reduces energy consumption, improves the energy utilization efficiency of thermal power plants, and achieves environmental protection and energy-saving goals.

Safety monitoring and risk assessment: The system provides safety monitoring and risk assessment functions to monitor and evaluate the safety operation status of thermal power plants in real time, establish a safety risk warning mechanism, timely detect and handle potential safety risks, and ensure the safety of production in thermal power plants.

Data analysis and operational optimization: The system supports the collection and analysis of operational data for thermal power plants, optimizes equipment operating parameters based on data analysis results, improves overall operational efficiency of thermal power plants, reduces production costs, and achieves intelligent and lean management of thermal power plants.

Through the functions of real-time monitoring and data collection, intelligent prediction and fault diagnosis, energy efficiency management and optimization, safety monitoring and risk assessment, data analysis and operation optimization, , the digital twin thermal power plant system provides a new intelligent solution for thermal power plant management, which helps to improve the production efficiency and safety of thermal power plants. The application of digital twin technology has brought new development opportunities to the thermal power generation industry and more scientific and intelligent management methods for thermal power plant management.


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