The application of digital twin in waste energy generation

With the increasingly global environmental issues, the development and utilization of clean energy has become a focus of attention for governments and businesses around the world. In this context, garbage power, as a clean energy production method, is gradually becoming an effective way to solve the problem of urban waste disposal. The application of digital twin technology has brought a new management and operation model to the waste energy generation industry.

With the acceleration of urbanization and the continuous growth of population, the problem of urban waste disposal is becoming increasingly prominent. Traditional garbage disposal methods often generate a large amount of pollutants and greenhouse gases, causing serious environmental impacts. Garbage power generation technology is a way to convert garbage into clean energy. By burning garbage to generate steam and driving a generator to generate electricity, it not only solves the problem of garbage treatment but also achieves energy reuse.

Real time monitoring and operation optimization: Digital twin technology simulates the actual operation status of garbage power plants and collects real-time operating parameters, such as temperature, pressure, and other data generated by garbage power equipment on a digital platform. By using advanced data analysis algorithms, real-time monitoring and operational status analysis of power generation equipment can be achieved, potential problems can be identified in time and early warnings can be given, which can optimize power generation efficiency and reducing operating costs.


Resource utilization and energy recovery: In the process of garbage power generation, digital twin technology can achieve precise analysis and classification of garbage components, which helps to improve energy recovery efficiency. By understanding the composition of garbage, suitable fuel mixing ratios can be selected to improve combustion efficiency while reducing consumption of other resources, achieving rational utilization of resources and effective energy recovery.

Intelligent maintenance and preventive maintenance: Digital twin technology can comprehensively monitor the operating status of garbage power generation equipment, and achieve intelligent and preventive maintenance of equipment based on its working condition and historical data. By predicting potential equipment failures and conducting maintenance and repairs in advance, losses caused by equipment downtime can be avoided, ensuring the stable operation of the garbage power generation system.

Environmental supervision and emission control: Digital twin technology can not only monitor the operation status of garbage power generation equipment, but also monitor the emission situation in real time. By monitoring and analyzing emissions, abnormal emissions can be detected in time, and corresponding measures can be taken to control them, ensuring the cleanliness and safety of the environment and meeting the requirements of environmental supervision.

The application of digital twin technology has brought a new management and operation mode to the garbage power generation industry, realizing real-time monitoring and operation optimization of garbage power generation equipment, resource utilization and energy recovery, intelligent maintenance and preventive maintenance, environmental supervision and emission control and other functions. It provides important technical support for promoting the development of the garbage power generation industry and achieving sustainable utilization of resources. With the continuous progress of technology and the deepening of applications, digital twin technology will bring more innovation and breakthroughs to the waste energy industry, helping urban waste treatment work move towards a more intelligent and efficient future.


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